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At least once per year, COSEWIC meets to discuss and evaluate the status of Canadian wildlife species. Here you will find the List of Wildlife Species scheduled for the next COSEWIC Wildlife Species Assessment Meeting, the results of wildlife species assessment meeting, and the updated COSEWIC Canadian Wildlife Species at Risk Publication.

Assessment Process

Upcoming Wildlife Species Assessments

COSEWIC meets at least once a year, usually in April or May, to consider new and updated reports and to make its status determinations (Upcoming Meetings).

Consult the COSEWIC Status Reports in Preparation to view a list of wildlife species sorted by expected date of wildlife species assessment.

Assessment Results (April 2016 COSEWIC Wildlife Species Assessment Meeting)

Archived: November 2015 COSEWIC Wildlife Species Assessment Meeting

Canadian Wildlife Species at Risk

All wildlife species assessed by COSEWIC as of October 2015.

The html version of this publication, which is best viewed on your computer screen, also includes minor revisions to COSEWIC information that occur throughout the year.

A formatted, print-ready (pdf) version of this publication is prepared at least annually. Register to be notified of updates to this publication.