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Fishes (freshwater)

Dace, Redside  | Clinostomus elongatus

Status: Endangered

Last Examination and Change: April 2007 (In a higher risk category)

Canadian Occurrence: ON

Status Criteria: B2ab(i,ii,iii,iv,v)

Dace, Redside

Reason for Designation: This species is especially sensitive to stream alterations that interfere with flow regimes and lead to increased siltation and water temperatures. It has been lost from 5 of its 24 historic locations, and may now be gone from an additional 5; continuing decline is evident in 8 of the 14 remaining locations. More than 80% of the Canadian distribution occurs in the ‘Golden Horseshoe Region’ of southwestern Ontario where urban development poses the most immediate threat to the continued existence of this species in Canada. The 6 stable populations are on the fringe of urban development in watersheds that are, as yet, relatively undisturbed, but more than 50 % of these locations are in, or adjacent to, areas that are expected to be developed within the next 10 to 15 years.

Status History: Designated Special Concern in April 1987. Status re-examined and designated Endangered in April 2007.

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