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Plover circumcinctus subspecies, Piping  | Charadrius melodus circumcinctus

Status: Endangered

Last Examination and Change: November 2013 (No Change)

Canadian Occurrence: AB, SK, MB, ON

Status Criteria: C2a(ii)

Plover circumcinctus subspecies, Piping

Reason for Designation: The interior subspecies of this shorebird is projected to decline over the longer term, particularly if concerted conservation efforts are relaxed. Overall numbers remain low and adult survival has been poor over the last decade. Threats from predation, human disturbance, and declines in habitat extent and quality continue.  

Status History: The species was considered a single unit and designated Threatened in April 1978. Status re-examined and designated Endangered in April 1985. In May 2001, the species was re-examined and split into two groups according to subspecies. The circumcinctus subspecies was designated Endangered in May 2001.Status re-examined and confirmed in November 2013.

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