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Ratsnake, Gray  | Pantherophis spiloides  |  Great Lakes / St. Lawrence population

Status: Threatened

Last Examination and Change: April 2007 (Reassigned)

Canadian Occurrence: ON

Status Criteria: B1ab(i,ii,iii)+2ab(i,ii,iii)

Reason for Designation: This large snake occupies a restricted region in Ontario and is threatened by ongoing development and by expansion of the road network. Development is especially a threat to hibernacula which may be limiting. Roads represent a significant threat because of the snakes’ late age of maturity and low reproductive rate. Snakes are also killed on roads because they move slowly and may bask on roads.

Status History: The species was considered a single unit and designated Threatened in April 1998 and in May 2000. Split into two populations in April 2007. The Great Lakes / St. Lawrence population was designated Threatened in April 2007.

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