COSEWIC Wildlife Species Assessments (short version), May 2015*

Wildlife Species are sorted according to current status and then by taxonomic group. Previous status is shown when applicable.

May 2015
  Taxonomic group   Common name (population)   Previous status and date of
previous assessment
  Range of occurrence in Canada
Endangered   Mammals   North Pacific Right Whale   Endangered
November 2004
  Pacific Ocean
Endangered   Birds   Black Swift   Not applicable   BC AB
Endangered   Fishes   Warmouth   Special Concern
May 2005
Endangered   Fishes   Winter Skate (Eastern Scotian Shelf - Newfoundland population)   Not applicable   Atlantic Ocean
Endangered   Fishes   Winter Skate (Gulf of St. Lawrence population)   Not applicable   Atlantic Ocean
Endangered   Arthropods   Ottoe Skipper   Endangered
May 2005
Endangered   Molluscs   Proud Globelet   Not applicable   ON
Threatened   Mammals   Eastern Wolf   Not applicable   ON QC
Threatened   Mammals   Ermine haidarum subspecies   Threatened
May 2001
Threatened   Reptiles   Western Rattlesnake   Threatened
May 2004
Threatened   Fishes   Black Redhorse   Threatened
May 2005
Threatened   Lichens   Black-foam Lichen   Not applicable   ON QC NB NS
Special Concern   Reptiles   Prairie Rattlesnake   Not applicable   AB SK
Special Concern   Amphibians   Northern Red-legged Frog   Special Concern
November 2004
Special Concern   Fishes   Shortnose Sturgeon   Special Concern
May 2005
Special Concern   Arthropods   Vivid Dancer   Not applicable   BC AB
Special Concern   Arthropods   Yellow-banded Bumble Bee   Not applicable   YT NT BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL
Special Concern   Vascular Plants   Spiked Saxifrage   Threatened
May 2013
Special Concern   Mosses   Banded Cord-moss   Special Concern
May 2005
Not at Risk   Fishes   Winter Skate (Western Scotian Shelf - Georges Bank population)   Special Concern
May 2005
  Atlantic Ocean

*The review of classification of Verna’s Flower Moth (Schinia verna) was completed. COSEWIC decided that a fully updated status report is required to assess the status of this wildlife species. The assessments of Western Yellow-bellied Racer (Coluber constrictor mormon) and Eastern Yellow-bellied Racer (Coluber constrictor flaviventris) were deferred. It is anticipated that these wildlife species will be re-considered by COSEWIC in November 2015.